Brittany Crosby serves as Project Manager with The Social MVP. With a niche for recruitment, logistics, and building programs and projects, she is responsible for the development of all internal processes, development of project timelines, and operational excellence.

Brittany is extremely passionate about working with underprivileged youth and young adults, especially pertaining to education. She has an extensive background in higher education and has served as a College Recruiter and Community Relations Liaison. She is highly efficient in strategy and constituent engagement. With such an intrigue and passion for youth development, she has successfully planned and facilitated college tours and collaborated with multiple school districts to host open houses where students and their families can become familiar with curriculums and activities. She is a logistics and planning powerhouse and also thrives in creatively initiating marketing and promotions efforts for various causes.

Establishing and cultivating relationships is a task in which she strives. In her position at Harold Washington College, she maintained positive relationships with the community and faith-based organizations which collectively helped to advance the school’s goals.

Brittany’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Grambling State University.



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