Brittney M. Brown is the Social MVP’s Chief Strategy Officer who’s passionate about helping our clients reach their goals through strategic messaging. Brittney joins the Social MVP as an expert in public affairs, and has supported the United States government in several consultant capacities. Currently, she’s a Senior Consultant for Octo Consulting Group, and supports the Army’s Program Manager (PM) Defensive Cyber Operations as the Public Affairs Officer.

Although her current focus in on public affairs, Brittney’s wealth of knowledge extends to all aspects in the communications field. She began her career as a reporter in Paterson, NJ, where she served as a watchdog of the city’s local government. Eventually, Brittney moved to the Washington D.C. area and used her communications experience as a contractor for the United States Coast Guard and the Marine Corps prior to supporting U.S. Army organizations.

Brittney’s for talent in communication was nurtured by her professors at Grambling State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. Later, she went on to receive her master’s degree in Strategic Communication from the prestigious American University in Washington D.C.

Outsides of work, Brittney supports her local community by coaching a middle school dance team. Brittney is a native of Chicago, IL.

Brittney is an extremely talented and creative experience creator who I’m very pleased to have on board. She’s a critical and innovative thinker that has a keen eye for generating outside-the-box concepts.

Nicholas Love

Founder & CEO, The Social MVP



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